Daisy Downs Covid-19 Policies and Procedures


Please understand that during the Covid Pandemic that we are not unfriendly or lacking customer service, however we must adhere to social distancing rules for the safety of everyone. A few of our staff members and clients have compromised respiratory and health issues and therefore we must use extra caution. We also must protect our senior or immune compromised clients from any possible infections. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this difficult time. 

There will hand sanitiser available and all surfaces that are touched by clients and staff will be regularly sanitised. Please email us with any concerns or questions you might have.

Thank you for your interest in our services while we are in Covid Alert Level 3 and Level 2. Please read the following policies and procedures for receiving services at this time.


PLEASE NOTE: If you or anyone in your household/bubble or anyone you have been in contact with have been sick in the past 4 weeks (cold, flu, sniffles, fever etc or anything of the sort) or if you have been around anyone who has been sick, please let us know and DO NOT COME to Daisy Downs, please STAY AT HOME. If you become sick at any time in the future, please inform us IMMEDIATELY so we can let the appropriate authorities know and begin contact tracing as quickly as possible.


1. One at a time for pick up and drop off. Do not enter the office. If staff are not available, use hand sanitiser and push red buzzer for daycare/boarding or white/grey buzzer for grooming and wait for assistance.

2. Stay in or near your vehicle until it is your turn. Keep 2m distance from all other people and dogs at all times. Dogs must not visit each other in parking area to avoid contaminating your own household bubble.

3. Dogs MUST be walked on leash in parking area at all times, no exceptions! (While we have previously allowed some dogs to be off leash to enter or exit the facility, they must now be on leash until they enter the fenced drop off/pick up area. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Please have appropriate leash and collar available at drop off/pick up or you will not be able to attend. We have a limited amount of slip leads for no-contact purchase for $20 should you find that easier.)

4. Use hand sanitiser (on table) before entering gated area for drop off or pick up.

5. Enter gated area, but do not cross the marked yellow line and do not touch any surfaces unnecessarily.

6. When staff are ready, remove all leashes and collars. Leashes and collars can transmit viruses when touched as the buckles and fabrics can hold viruses and germs for longer periods of time. All dogs will be "naked" for daycare/boarding/grooming at this time. Please understand the extra risk this involves in case of escape or incident, however we will use every precaution to ensure your dogs are safe while in our care. (We will reassess dogs wearing collars once we reach Level 2.)

8. No items may be brought to daycare, boarding or grooming with your dog. That means no blankets, no toys, no special shampoo etc. Objects from home increase the risk of spreading the virus. If you dog has a special diet and cannot have our biscuits or snacks, you may bring food/biscuits from home in clean disposable plastic bags such as ziplock bags. Please portion one day per plastic bag for ease of feeding and disposal.

9. Exit gated area and return to your vehicle keeping a 2m distance from other people at all times. Friendly conversation to other doggy parents and staff is ok, just please keep a 2m distance at all times.

10. When you pick up your dog, please use the same process - use hand sanitiser, enter gated area when it is your turn with your leash and collar ready, wait behind the yellow line for staff to bring your dog down, do NOT open gate to let your dog out - please wait for staff, put collar and leash on dog, leave gated area. Dogs MUST be walked to vehicle ON LEASH no exceptions!

11. Payment must be made online through bank transfer for daycare, boarding or grooming services. No cash or eftpos will be accepted at this time.

Thank you for your cooperation as we all learn a new way of doing things. 

Pick up &
Drop Off Hours

7 Days a Week

9:00am - 11:00am &

4:00pm - 5:30pm

(Early drop off available 8am or later with prior arrangement for $5 out of hours fee.)

Closed to the Public

(No pick ups or drop offs):

-Christmas Eve (Dec 24)

-Christmas Day (Dec 25)

-Boxing Day (Dec 26)

-New Years Day (Jan 1)

Please plan your pick ups and drop offs accordingly, thanks!


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Cash or EFTPOS Only

Credit Cards Not Accepted, Sorry!

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