Daisy Downs Covid-19 Policies and Procedures


Please understand that during the Covid Pandemic that we are not unfriendly or lacking customer service, however we choose to continue with minor social distancing rules for the safety of everyone. A few of our staff members and clients have compromised respiratory and health issues and therefore we use extra caution. We also must protect our senior or immune compromised clients from any possible infections including seasonal cold and flu. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this difficult time. 

There will hand sanitiser available and all surfaces that are touched by clients and staff will be regularly sanitised. Please email us with any concerns or questions you might have.

Thank you for your interest in our services while we are in Covid Level 1. Please read the following policies and procedures for receiving services at this time. (Updated Sept 28, 2020)

We have placed a QR Covid tracing code in our office window, we encourage everyone to download and use the app to trace their movements.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you or anyone in your household/bubble or anyone you have been in contact with have been sick in the past few weeks (cold, flu, sniffles, fever etc or anything of the sort) or if you have been around anyone who has been sick, please let us know and DO NOT COME to Daisy Downs, please STAY AT HOME. If you become sick at any time in the future, please inform us IMMEDIATELY so we can let the appropriate authorities know and begin contact tracing as quickly as possible.

Some things to remember...

- Our office is still closed to avoid people congregating indoors in a small space as Covid is still out there. Please respect this and do not enter the office. Outside in the fresh air is best!  We can do everything outside with our new mobile eftpos machine.  

- We accept eftpos and cash outside the office or you can continue to pay online if you prefer. If you are a regular weekly dog please try to remember to make your weekly payment as I am unable to keep up with sending out regular daycare invoices each week, there are just too many! If you are unsure, just send us a quick message and ask how much you owe and we can let you know.

- Social distancing can be relaxed for locals and regulars, however if you have been travelling around the country, been on a plane, to a big city like Auckland, then please use caution and social distance just in case!

- Remember to continue scanning those QR codes!

We sincerely thank you for abiding by our guidelines as we have many clients to protect and want to be safe for everyone involved. Congratulations on Level 1 everyone, we are all in this together!