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Daisy Downs Covid-19 Policies and Procedures



Due to the changes in Government Covid Mandates, clients are no longer required to wear a mask for pick up and drop off. You are welcome to wear one if you like, but it is no longer required. Some staff and clients will still choose to wear a mask due to health issues, please respect everyone's mask decisions as it is a personal choice.

Because we have limited specially trained staff available to look after the dogs in our care, to keep our staff and other clients with immune issues safe please remember to stay home if you are sick with cold, flu, Covid or any other illnesses.

If someone in your household is sick or isolating due to Covid and you are not isolating, please wear a mask for pick up and drop off while you do your daily RAT tests for the required 5 days to avoid exposure just in case.


Our office remains closed but everything runs the same and all business will be conducted outdoors in the fresh air.  Please respect social distancing when possible.

Thank you for your patience, kindness and support and cooperation in helping keep everyone safe and healthy and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns



Any questions, please email us at:

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