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Daisy Downs is Social Networking for Dogs!

Were are a natural outdoor dog daycare in a beautiful rural setting with 10 large dog play yards and 4 small dog play yards.  Let your dog enjoy fresh air and sunshine while enjoying a play day with their mates!

Updated Jan 2024 - We currently have a wait list for our regular weekly play groups for large and small dogs.  Regular weekly spots come available only when a dog moves away or no longer attends, which is not often. If you would like to be on the wait list for regular or casual daycare please let us know. All potential daycare dogs must be dog and human social.  Thanks for your patience!

Play Day

  • Does your dog have lots of energy and need a fun play session during the week?

  • Is your dog social and likes to be with other dogs of similar energy level?

  • Do you work full time and want your dog to have exercise and care throughout your work day?

  • Are you going out of town for the day and don't want to leave your dog at home alone for the day?

Why not try out a Play Day at Daisy Downs !

Dogs are matched in suitable play groups according to size, energy level & play style.  A special area is reserved just for smaller dogs - for safety, we never mix large and small dogs!  With over 18 years professional experience running doggy daycares, boarding kennels and dog training academies and pet first aid training, you can be assured your dog is in expert care! 


Please see our FAQ's and Price List for additional information, services, terms and conditions and questions about dogs with special requirements.


Play Day . . . . . . All Sizes . . . . . . . . $30 Per Day

(Unspayed or Unneutered Over 6 months. . . . +$5 Per Day )

Drop Off Between 8:30am-11am
Pick Up Between 4pm-5:30pm
Play Time: From Drop Off to 11am
Individual Rest & Snack Time: 11am to 2pm
Play Time: 2pm to Pick Up
Early drop off available 8-8:30am by appointment for an extra $5. Please inquire.

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