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Daisy Downs is Social Networking for Dogs!

Overnight Boarding

Updated March 2024: There is a temporary hold on our Wait List while we try to catch up and get new dogs through our introduction process.  We hope to be able to add more dogs to the Wait List in a couple of months.  Please see our FAQs for more detailed information on our introduction process.  Thank you for your patience!

Does your dog want to have a good time playing with friends while you're away?  Does your dog have any special needs that would be best in the hands of experienced and professional dog care givers?  Are you looking for the best place for your dog to board where they will receive lots of outdoor social time and premium quality food and snacks?    You've come to the right place!

Why Daisy Downs?

  • SafeOwners live right on site and this is their full time profession to make sure that your dog is happy and safe while in our care.  We are Canine First Aid and Trauma Care Certified!

  • ExperienceWe are full time dog professionals with over 19 years of professional dog experience.  Owners have certificates in Professional Daycare and Kennel Management as well as Master Dog Trainer and Behaviour Specialist Diplomas and dozens of specialised certificates in dog care and training including positive based Military & Police K9 Training and specific dog behaviour issues.  

  • ComfortSleeping areas are large and comfortable with raised kurunda beds and lots of comfy fleecy blankets and fresh water is always available.

  • FunYour dog will be able to play with other dogs in like-minded play groups outside in a beautiful rural setting.  What better way to spend time with us - making friends and playing every day!

  • Caring - We take a hands-on approach with all our guests and provide love, cuddles and individual attention to make them feel more at home and more comfortable while staying with us.

  • Quality - We feed only the best to your dog while they are in our care!  Delicious premium quality Acana Prairie Poultry dog food is provided to all our guests.  This delicious diet utilizes a "whole-prey" meat formulation with 50% meat and 50% fruits, veggies and botanicals. Nom nom!

  • Clean We take cleanliness very seriously!  Areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised with professional products on a daily basis.  We do a thorough deep clean regularly with a professional hot water hospital-grade steamer to ensure that your dog is always in a clean and healthy environment.  

  • ConvenientWe are located on State Highway 10 just outside of Kerikeri.  We are easy to access along your route no matter where you are headed.

  • Standards - We adhere to a high standard of Dog Kennel ad Daycare Code of Practice and our standards are rated higher than even Government Industry Standards.  We take pride in what we do!

Customized Care


At Daisy Downs we recognize that each and every dog in our care has specific needs and requirements.  We tailor our care to your dog's needs to ensure that they are happy and safe while at our facility.

For playtime, dogs are grouped according to size and energy level.  We have 3 medium and large dog "Senior" and "Slow Speed" outdoor exercise yards that are easy to access with no stairs for those that may have difficulty with movement.  The smooth concrete flooring is easy for older dogs to walk on and there are plenty of comfortable places to relax in the sun or the shade - whatever your dog prefers!  For more active dogs we have 7 other large dog outdoor play yards of varying sizes so that dogs can be grouped together in like-minded play styles, thereby reducing stress and keeping dogs happy and comfortable.  All yards have access to sun and shade, resting beds, toys and play equipment to bounce around on.

A separate section of the kennel is designed just for small dogs - it has cozier kennel runs and special escape-proof small dog fencing.  We offer two smaller concrete yards for small groups of dogs, senior dogs or rainy days, a flat grassy yard for medium active dogs and a large grass yard with concrete ramp and play equipment and toys giving larger groups of small dogs a great place to play and socialize in.

* AM Pick Up Discount *
Save on Departure Day by picking up between 9-11am !
Extra Small Save $5 * Small Save $6 * Medium Save $7
Large Save $8 * Extra Large Save $9

Professional carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

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