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Daisy Downs is Social Networking for Dogs!

FAQ's and More Info...

Updated June 2024: We have a few Large Dog Regular Weekly Daycare Spots available!  Please contact us for more information.  Regular Weekly Daycare dogs must be dog & people friendly and fit well into one of our weekly social groups.  Spots limited to possible Monday, Tuesday or Thursday groups (Wednesday and Friday full at the moment.)  Wait List Open for Regular Weekly Small Dog Daycare.  Overnight Boarding Wait List currently on hold for a short while as we catch up.  Thanks for your patience!

My dog is new to Daisy Downs, how can we become a client?

At Daisy Downs we want your dog to enjoy their time away from home and to have a fun but calm and relaxing stay while in our care.  Dogs react very differently in new environments so we have a non-negotiable intake process for helping new dogs become accustomed to our facility and to learn to love coming to stay with us as their home away from home.  

All new dogs require a complimentary introduction visit during our morning office hours for about an hour, generally on a Saturday morning.  For the introduction please bring your vaccination records and arrange to drop your dog off around 9am and then you can go for coffee or run a few errands and pick them up again at about 10am.  During this introduction we will meet your dog, assess their personality and specific needs, introduce them to a social group of other suitable dogs and bring them inside to become familiar with an inside kennel run.  By having a short introduction your dog will start to become familiar with our facility and by picking them up a short while later they learn that this is a temporary stay where they can have fun and that their family will be picking them up soon.  

After the introduction we will discuss with you in detail your dog's specific needs.  Some dogs are very comfortable in new surroundings and settle in quickly as if they have been coming here for years.  Other dogs can take more time to get used to new environments and we will require that your dog come for a few Play Days to get used to staying here before any overnight stays.  The ability to adapt to changes and new environments varies between different breeds, ages and personalities of dogs, so some dogs require more Play Days before they are able to board overnight and some are ready after a couple of day visits.  For shy dogs or dogs that do not like new things this process can take several months of regular visits before they feel at home.

Please plan your overnight boarding stay well in advance if your dog is new to Daisy Downs so that we can properly prepare your dog to have the best time away from home as possible.  If you are from out of town and your dog is not able to do an introduction and Play Days in advance then we most likely will not be able to board them as it can be very difficult for new dogs to adjust to sudden changes and we want the dogs in our care to be happy and comfortable while they are here.

I am already a client but my dog has not been in a while, what do I need to do?

If your dog has not been for daycare or boarding in over 6 months and tends to be shy or reserved away from home, we will most likely recommend that your dog come for a day of daycare to familiarise themselves with the facility and routines again.  If it has been longer than a year then most dogs regardless of personality are required to come for at least one day of daycare before overnight boarding.  This is for the health and happiness of your dog while it is away from home as dogs often need reminders of places and routines they have not been around in a while.  Please plan your trip well in advance so we can accommodate any daycare days required if needed.  

What is your daily schedule for the dogs?

  • 7:30am - Time to wake up!  Dogs go out into size, play style and personality appropriate play groups for fresh air, exercise and socialising.  

  • 11:00am - Boarding Dogs come inside to their own individual runs for main meal, rest and quiet time.  Daycare dogs come inside to their own individual runs for a snack, rest and quiet time.

  • 2:00pm - Time to go outside and play again!  Back into social groups for more socialising and fresh air.  Also individual cuddle and play time as we make our way around the yards and visit all dogs individually.

  • 5:30pm - Time to come in for the evening to individual inside runs.  Snack time and good night cuddles!

What are your vaccination requirements?

Because we are a social boarding kennel we want all our guests to be protected, therefore dogs are required to have their Vanguard Combination Vaccine within the past 3 years and their Kennel Cough Vaccine within the past one 1 year.  If your dog has other requirements upon your vets recommendation, please contact us to see if boarding with other vaccine requirements might be possible.

What brand of dog food do you feed?

We feed only the best to your dog while they are in our care!  Delicious premium quality Acana Prairie Poultry dry dog food is provided to all our guests.  This delicious diet utilizes a "whole-prey" meat formulation with 50% free run poultry and eggs and 50% fruits, veggies and botanicals.  Nom nom!

My dog is on a special diet, can I bring his own food?

Of course!  We can accommodate any special diets including raw food, prescription diet, homemade and more.  For raw and homemade diets, please package your food in daily serving bags for ease of thawing, refrigeration and feeding.  Dry foods can come in their original bag or a container, whatever is easiest for you.  There is a nominal daily fee of $4 for feeding special diets brought from home.


My dog is on medications and supplements, can you administer those?

Of course!  We are experienced in giving all kinds of medications and supplements including pills, powders, oils, injections and more.  Please bring medications in their original prescription packaging for proper identification and administration.  There is a nominal daily fee of $4 to administer medications or supplements.

My dog has a medical condition, can he stay with you?

We have years of experience with all kinds of medical conditions including arthritis, hip dysplasia, cruciate injuries, epilepsy, blindness, deafness, allergies, amputations (tripods), cancer and more.  With any medical condition, please first make sure that your vet says it is safe for your dog to be in a boarding kennel environment and then we ask that you provide us with detailed information on your dogs condition so we can provide the best care while they are with us.  We must of course be able to provide the care your dog requires, so there may be dogs we are unable to care for due to specific needs.  Please contact us to discuss your dog's needs in detail.  There may be a nominal $6 daily charge for any medical conditions that have specific special handling requirements requiring extra time and care, however some dogs with medical conditions fit into our routine well with no extra charge.  

My dog isn't spayed or neutered, can he stay with you?

We are a social boarding kennel, however we may occasionally take some dogs that are not spayed or neutered.  While your unneutered male dog may be friendly and social, unneutered male dogs are generally not well tolerated in a group of neutered males due to their different scent and behaviour and thus require extra care in mixing them in social groups. There is also extra cleaning and deodorising required after an unspayed or unneutered dog has stayed due to the strong hormonal scents.  Unspayed females must NOT be on or near their heat cycle to prevent any issues with other dogs in our care.  There is a nominal $5 daily charge for any dogs that are not spayed or neutered due to the need for extra care required during their stay. 

My dog isn't social with other dogs, can he stay with you?

We are a social boarding kennel, however we can sometimes make an exception and take dogs that prefer to be on their own in some circumstances.  Dogs must be people friendly, not anxious in new environments and not able to jump over a 1.8m tall fence in order to ensure their safety and that of the other dogs in our care.  Individual assessment is generally required to ensure that we can safely care for your dog.  We also must have a separate outside exercise yard available for your dog so we might not always be able to accommodate unsocial dogs if extra play runs are not available.   There is a nominal $6 day charge for any dogs that are not dog social due to the need for additional individual attention and exercise time.

What are your pick up and drop off times?

For your convenience, we have two times during the day for pick up and drop off.  Our morning time is 9-11am and our afternoon time is 4-5:30pm.  We adhere to these times in order to provide the best care possible for the dogs staying with us.  Pick ups and drop offs take away from our cleaning time and our individual quality time with the dogs which is very important to their well-being.  While we may occasionally be able to accommodate an out of hours pick up or drop off, please plan your trip according to our regular hours.  The office is closed between 11-2pm so no pick ups or drop offs during this time and dogs come in to rest at 5:30pm so no after hours pick ups please.  There is an extra fee of $5 for an out of hours pick up or drop off and it is strictly by appointment and prior arrangement only.  Any pick ups or drop offs that we choose to accommodate are out of hours without prior arrangement will incur a minimum charge of $10.

How do your charges work?

As a full service care facility we charge per calendar day based on the size of your dog.  Unlike a hotel where you look after yourself and which charges by the night, we charge for each calendar day the dog is in our facility as we are providing full care from the moment your dog arrives until the moment they leave to go home.  This care includes, but is not limited to, high quality food, bedtime snacks, raised beds and fleecy blankets, water and food bowls, individual love and attention, administration of medication or special diets and anything else your dog may require while in our care.  Any extra charges such as the un-spayed or un-neutered fee, special diet etc are also charged per calendar day.  We do provide a morning pick up discount for dogs that leave during our morning time on the final day as they would not have been provided with a meal on that day due to leaving before main meal time.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our charges.  All payments must be made on pick up by Eftpos or Cash.


Eg 1:  Extra Small Dog Under 4.9 kg - drop off Saturday morning and pick up Monday afternoon:  

          Saturday $31 + Sunday $31 + Monday $31 = Total $93

Eg 2:  Extra Small Dog Under 4.9 kg - drop off Saturday morning and pick up Monday morning:  

          Saturday $31 + Sunday $31 + Monday $31 - AM Pick Up Discount $5 = Total $88

Eg 3:  Medium Dog 13.0 kg - 21.9 kg - drop off Monday afternoon and pick up Tuesday morning:  

          Monday $35 + Tuesday $35 - AM Pick Up Discount $7 = Total $63

Eg 4:  Small Dog 5.0 kg - 12.9 kg NOT NEUTERED - drop off Friday afternoon and pick up Monday morning:  

          Friday $33 + Saturday $33 + Sunday $33 + 3 days at $5 each un-neutered fee ($15) - AM Pick Up Discount $6 = Total $108

What are your terms and conditions of boarding or day care?

Terms & Conditions of attending Daisy Downs


I understand that attendance at a dog facility is not without risk to me or my dog, because some of the dogs to which my dog or I may be exposed to may be the cause of injury even when handled with the greatest amount of care.

Daisy Downs (Four Paws NZ Limited), hereinafter referred to as the Organization, agrees that, while the dog(s) is/are on the premises and under its control, they will exercise the UTMOST DILIGENCE and care to protect the HEALTH AND SAFETY of the dog(s). However, the owner of the dog(s) agrees that the Organization has no liability for loss or damage to the dog(s) or the owners property resulting from any and all accidents including but not limited to injury, illness, loss or other acts such as fire, natural disaster or other acts of nature.

I hereby waive and release Daisy Downs (Four Paws NZ Limited) its employees, officers, members, and agents from any and all liability of any nature, for injury or damage which me or my dog may obtain, including specifically, but without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, and I expressly assume the risk of such damage or injury while I or my dog attends at the facility or while on the grounds or the surrounding area.

In case of accident, injury or other medical problem, I authorise Daisy Downs to administer any treatment or first aid necessary to protect the health and safety of my dog(s) while on the premises.

In case of accident, injury or other medical problem that Daisy Downs is unable to treat on the premises, I authorise the Organization to take my dog(s) to any available vet including an Emergency Veterinarian (if it is after hours) to obtain the necessary treatment required for the health and safety of my dog(s). Daisy Downs will attempt to contact me, but if I am unable to be contacted, necessary vet care will be provided without my permission. The health and safety of the dog(s) is of primary concern.

I agree to pay all vet bills that my dog(s) incur(s) while under the care of the Organization and any other costs associated with said vet visit including travel fees if necessary.



By allowing my dog to attend Daisy Downs, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the terms and conditions shown above.

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